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      The company won the 2021 China innovative IC design company award

      writer:admin date:2021-03-24

      On March 18, the 2021 China IC leaders summit hosted by aspencore, a leading global media group in the field of electronic technology, was held in Shanghai. With continuous technological innovation and accumulation, our company won the 2021 China innovative IC design company award.


      Figure 1. Award site

      Figure 2 photo of the representatives of the winning enterprises

      The China IC design achievement award is jointly held by aspencore's Electronic Engineering album, electronic technology design and international electronic business situation. It has been held successfully for 19 years in a row, and is one of the most professional and influential technical awards in China's electronic industry.

      Thanks for the choice and trust of our customers and the support of our partners, all employees of silicon power will not forget their original intention and forge ahead. Continue to provide high quality power management chip for our customers, win the future with innovation, and be the leader of China's green power supply!

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