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      Si-power Launched SP6620DHP+NT6008 18W QC3.0 fast charging program

      writer:admin date:2017-08-22

      Scheme performance

      Input voltage: 90VAC-265VAC full voltage

      Output power: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, 18W

      Average efficiency: >83%, meets the 6 energy effi

      Safety certification

      EMI radiation and conduction meet the standard requirements of EN55022 and ClassB

      AC insulation meets 3.75KV, 60s, drain current less than 5mA required

      ESD meets IEC61000-4-2, contact 8KV / air 15KV level requirements

      EFT meets IEC61000-4-4:2004, 4KV level requirements

      Surge meets IEC61000-4-5:2005, 2KV level requirements

      Support for QC3.0, QC2.0, Apple, 2.1A/2.4A, Samsung

      Galaxy, Note, 2.0A, BC1.2 charging protocols

      Application schematics and performance indicators
      原 理 圖
      Application scheme physical map
      實 物 圖
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