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      Silicon power introduces SP5221F+SP5420 no strobe, low THD 18W LED lighting scheme

      writer:admin date:2017-08-22

      Scheme performance

      Input voltage: 90VAC-265VAC full voltage

      Output power: 18W, 40V/450mA

      Average efficiency: >85%

      Constant current accuracy <

      Safety certification

      Power factor: >0.9


      QR Valley level switching improves conversion efficiency

      LED light flashes without power frequency

      EMI radiation and conduction meet the standard requirements of EN55015

      AC insulation meets 3.75KV, duration 60s, leakage current less than 3mA

      Application schematics and performance indicators
      原 理 圖
      Application scheme physical map
      實 物 圖
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